Perspectivas de las Políticas de la Educación 2015 / Las reformas en marcha (Inglés)

La nueva publicación de la OCDE, Education Policy Outlook 2015: Making Reforms Happen analiza en profundidad más de 450 reformas adoptadas por países de la OCDE en los últimos siete años.

[…] There is no room for complacency in education reform so this report is only a beginning: it covers a period which has been marked by the financial crisis, and provides a record of the initiatives that have been undertaken across OECD member countries. Reforms need to look ahead to a future that will be marked by continuing technological progress, demographic change and globalisation. Policy makers often have only a short time to demonstrate how effectively they are implementing reforms to improve education results so prioritisation choices can be difficult. Paradoxically perhaps, while widespread evidence on the willingness to reform is to be welcomed, it may be necessary to step back and take a longer-term view, both of what has been done and of what is needed next. This report aspires to support that reflection and in doing so help shape better policies and reforms for better education. (OECD. 2016:18)

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