Building schemata: children know more than we have taught them

Do you know how many windows there are in your house? Probably not by heart… but if you give it some thought, you will be able to come up with an answer. And your answer will be correct. That is because you have a schema – in other words, a plan – of the house in your mind. Children also have schemata in their minds. The Hejny method strengthens and interlinks these schemata, and infers general patterns from them. Children soon realize that half is also a number (0.5), and they do not find commonly “problematic” fractions problematic at all. […]


Building schemata of mathematical concepts, phenomena, processes and situations in the mind of each pupil is what lies at the heart of a teaching method that strives to maximize autonomy in the pupil’s learning process. This method can be referred to as Schema-oriented Education,  and is commonly known as Hejny method.

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