Right to education handbook

The ultimate aim of this handbook is to facilitate the realization and universal enjoyment of the right to education. Its objective is not to present the right to education as an abstract, conceptual, or purely legal concept, but rather to be actionoriented. Where possible, practical guidance is given on how to implement and monitor the right to education along with recommendations to overcome persistent barriers.

UNESCO’s Strategy on standard-setting instruments in the field of education (2016-2021) encourages Member States of the Organization to use normative action in relation with the right to education as a strategic tool to implement and achieve SDG4. In line with this, this handbook – specifically foreseen by the Strategy– will also serve as a reference tool for the design and organization of training modules and workshops in the field of right to education. Finally, the handbook will also be an important reference for those working towards the achievement of SDG4, by offering guidance on how to leverage legal commitment to the right to education as a strategic way to achieve this goal.


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